We Fly LDN


In August 2018 WMN RUN and Track Mafia joined forces with Nike for two high energy events.

The first was held in The Mall West Car Park in Wood Green, North London. The specific aim of this session was to show how running can free you from the stresses of daily life and understand how running with friends and a team can make you faster.  For this session, we were also joined by the London Lionesses football team and radio presenter Julie Adenuga.




Taking a step back from the ultra distance that our ladies covered in the summer of 2015 for Race to the Stones 100K, we wanted to focus more specifically on marathon distance for our next project. Like ultras, marathons too have an very uneven gender weighting on average. Always similarly to ultras, this is on average 80 : 20 male to female. in the UK, with Manchester marathon being in the low 20’s.


In 2015 we began our journey and started our first project WMN RUN 100.

We set out to shake up the 80 : 20 male to female ratio that stood in Race to the Stones, an 100K ultra marathon that follows the route of one of the oldest paths in Britain with the option to run half or all of the distance. We wanted to level this imbalance out and create an equal footing. After many months of training, both together and separately, we took 52 women to the starting line of the race. These ladies achieved something that some primarily deemed impossible, and contributed to changing the ratio of male to female to 61 : 39.

Race to the Stones saw a change and our community saw its beginning.